For Shy Guys
In a French study, a subject introduced himself to 300 women; 31 percent gave him their number when he was carrying a guitar, compared with 9 percent when he had a gym bag. Students at Tel Aviv University found 14 out of 50 people accepted a Facebook friend request if the photo showed a guy holding a guitar.
Having sex with the hottest girl in the world is a fun fantasy, but if you actually get her, it will eventually get old. She will snore, fart and complain about what you want to watch on television. And she’ll probably dump you for a richer guy anyway.
For Shy Guys turned 2 today!

For Shy Guys turned 2 today!

There are more cell phones than toilets in India
The United Nations
One can always cook moderately well a limited range of past facts.
John Maynard Keynes
It’s crazy for the president to target medical marijuana, because medical marijuana is more popular than the president.
There’s more to Portland than the washed-up rockers, militant yuppies, righteous hippies and angry lesbians…
For every 65 tourists, one job is created in the United States.